Magnetic Nipple Balls


Magneto! A super mutant that harnesses the power of gravity to manipulate objects, neat right? What if you can become a super hero in the bedroom and control the all mighty magnetic nipple balls to give pleasure and pain (slight!) to you or your partner and have a sinister good time while you laugh as their moans and struggles. Once placed on sensitive skin , these extremely powerful magnets begin to apply pressure just like the movies! Make a game of seeing how long they can keep these pinching set of extra strong magnets in place.  These relatively inexpensive magnetic nipple balls are only  $9.88 but you need a 2 pairs to give the nipple twister if you so please.


Top Nipple Clamps from BeyondExquisites


1. Vibrating Nipple Clamps $19.99

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these multi-speed Vibrating Nipple Clamps. With 10 patterns of pulsation, vibration, and escalation to choose from, nipple play has never felt this good!


 2. Bull Nose Nipple Clamps $10.99

Attached to a single chain, once these bullnose style clamps are affixed to the nipples of your plaything, you can control just how much pleasure or pain they deserve. Simply adjust the level of intensity by turning the screw located near the tip of the clamp.
Tease and tantalize your partner while inflicting on them a sensual pinch. These adjustable nipple clamps let you control how much pain or pleasure your subject receives with the turn of a screw. The rubber coated tips grip securely, while delivering a dose of sizzling vibration from the attached bullet.

4. Submission Collar and Nipple Clamp Union $23.88

Imagine the seductive combination of collar and clamp, pleasure and pressure. Master Series has your fix with Submission Collar and Clamp Union. This two in one set is made with submission in mind. The quality collar is made more comfortable with the addition of a neoprene inner lining, and secures by means of a double Velcro binding. The collar has two extra D rings, if you want to add weights, rope, or any other accessory you can imagine.


5. Weighted Japanese Clover Clamp Nipple Kit $28.88


These ingenious clamps are specially designed to tighten their grip as they are pulled downward. The ends are tipped with ribbed rubber, to help retain their grip and add to the sensation.


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