Cum Lube

Lube is one of the most common sexual paraphernalia that you can buy or even find something similar that has the same effects. Of course the primary function of lube is to help moisturize and effortless fill those holes that you otherwise struggle to to fit. There are different lubes that range from silicone to water based each with its own advantages and shortcomings. Silicone based personal lubricants do not absorb into the skin, instead staying on the surface of the skin to provide a durable glide.Pre-lubricated condoms may use a silicone lubricant and should therefore check before using with silicone-based sex toy. Water-based personal lubricants are water soluble and usually absorb into the skin quickly causing a tendency to dry out and repeated application needed.

So how has lube progressed beyond these simple clear body moisturizers? Two words, Cum Lube! These jizz lube is water based and have the appearance and smell of thick, creamy, and musky texture of cum. The non staining lube stays on thick and also moisturizes during application so that you can be sure in the heat of the moment it does its job. Your probably asking yourself why would you want lube that resembles cum? Simple, the raw visual thrill you get when you shoot your load during the climax is now part of the process to get you there. You can apply the cum lube on toys, insert into squirting dildos, lube on anal entry or add for visual stimulation during a blow job. The possibilities are endless. Set up your own personal bukkake performance or just use it the old fashion way.


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