2017 Top Ejaculating Dildos!

We updated our list and reviews for 2017 best Ejaculating dildos. These squirting cocks are a fun and exciting way to introduce some visual excitement into the bedroom, these toys are not your typical dildos because they come with a refillable reservoir to fill with cum lube and once you squeeze the balls you can let the fireworks fly! These premium squirting dildos are molded to resemble an actual cock but with the added benefit of pumping out liquid(cum lube) through its hole. Its an great alternative also get  off your partner or if you like the feel of cum inside of you, these are undeniably essential addition to your collection.

Just like in real life, the climax is almost as important as the initial engagement of sex. Replicating the visual image of shooting cum all over your partner is usually the most gratifying sensation and often seen in most porn. Not only can ejaculation be simulated, but a cum lube also replicates the musty scented thickness of the real thing.

Here are the top cumming dildos.

jizz-detail-90683.1378799204.1280.960.jpg realistic-squirt.jpg Ejaculating Eric Realistic Squirting Dildo with Pump vibrating-dildo.jpg derect-ejaculating.jpg thomas-ejaculating.jpg
Product The Realistic Squirting Dildo Ejaculating Eric w/pump Realistic Ejaculating Penis Derek Ejaculating Dildo Thomas Ejaculating Dildo
Brand SexFlesh SC Novelties SexFlesh SexFlesh SexFlesh
Length 5.5″ 5.5″ 6.75″ 9.5″ 5.75″
Cirumference 2″ 1.75″ 2″ 2.43″ 2″
Texture Sil-A-Gel Sil-A-Gel UR3 PVC PVC PVC
Suction Yes Yes No No No
Ejaculates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extras Pouch Pump vibrating tip Big! N/A
Special Link Price $38.38 $49.39 40.99 $44.89 $33.19
Review 9.0/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Ejaculating Dildos

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using one of these toys.


  1. Pour the cum lube into a bowl about 2-3 Oz
  2. Hold the Realistic squirting dildo and direct it head first with the opening into the bowl already filled with lube.
  3. Squeeze the ballsack (testicles) and the vacuum will absorb the lube. It might take 1-2 firm pressure squeeze to fully absorb the lube.
  4. To ejaculate, squeeze the ballsack area and the cum lube will squirt. (dilute lube with water if too thick)
  5. The harder you squeeze the harder and further it will ejaculate (be careful)!

Here are the top 4 choices

1. Our most popular squirting dildo comes  resembles the look and feel of a cock down to it’s veins. Utilizing a narrow pump along with a suction cup for you to ride this bad boy all the way to an intense ejaculation.

2.This Giant realistic dildo is made to feel like the real thing. With its silky, realistic skin texture, this cock is something to behold! You can fill the balls and squeeze them when you are ready to blow his load with a life-like ejaculation! The vibrating tip has a variable speed control for hands on clitoral stimulation.

Deep Dickin Derek 12 Inch Ejaculating Dildo

3. Ready for some serious deep dickin? Get your hands on Derek Ejaculating dildo and let the intense penetration begin! This formidable dildo is going to take you some patience and lube to accommodate its full length and girth, but experiencing the realistically detailed cock head and shaft slide in, all the way to the balls, will be an erotic reward all its own. Once you have conquered this behemoth, reward yourself with the ultimate payoff. Squeeze the balls and Derek will ejaculate on you use a ejaculating strapon. The balls hold about half an ounce of liquid, and are easy to fill. Just place the tip in your liquid of choice, depress the balls, and release. Derek is fully loaded and ready to go!

Thick Thomas 7 inch Ejaculating Dildo

4. This exciting ejaculating dildo has plenty of girth and a nice, fat cock head to fill you up and get you off. The slick, pliable PVC material has a slight amount of give and flexibility for those looking for a nice, stiff toy that is perfect for driving home into tight spaces. Loading Thomas up is so easy! Just insert the tip into your favorite liquid, squeeze the balls, and release. The round, lifelike balls hold about half an ounce of liquid. When you are ready for a super realistic ejaculation, just squeeze again and let Thomas blow his load on you or in you. The flat base allows Thomas to stand up unaided, and his thick shaft will have you screaming for more!

Kong The Realistic Vac U Lock Dildo

5. Here it is, named Kong the Huge Giant Dildo is a sight to behold. Modeled after a huge realistc cock , it has veiny details that you will very inch of it as your sliding this Big Dildo in. It adds to the amazing realistic detail with a hair coming out of the balls that is very easy to remove and attach. It also has a strong suction cup that you can mount anywhere like a floor or headboard. This realistc large dildo will give you fantasies of coming home and mounting it again and again…

6. Introducing 2016 new breakthrough masturbation toy…The Lifelike Bonnie Rotten See me Squirting Vagina! The first realistic squirting pussy that is the ultimate lifelike experience mold after pornstar Bonnie Rotten herself. Using revolutionary technology and design, by just pressing down on the area below her thumb she squirts out a continuous stream of water or replace it with the cum lube and watch her cum all over you! Weighting at over 4lbs , her pussy and hefty and can be placed right on table-tops for continuous fucking. Using realistic Fantaflesh skin technology, it feels soft and realistic around your cock. Tired of the same old masturbators? This bad boy will get you hooked and if your a visual person the squirting mechanism will get around aroused and trained for the real thing.

Want to enhance your squirting dildo? Add the revolutionary cum scented lube that looks,feels, and smells like authentic cum! It is white, creamy, and musky…just like the real thing. Non staining, it stays slick and cleans up easily. Now you can have jizz in a bottle, whenever, wherever you need it!

Jizz based lube

Buy together today for additional savings.

Cam model Lizzie Lust reviews the Squirting Dildo and shows the naughtier side of using the combo together


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  1. some of our webcam models use these in their shows and they are incredibly popular right now, and for the ones that don’t have them i’m sure they will find this very useful 😉

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