Japanese Onahole sex toy reviews

Today we are going to review a set of Japanese sex toys or equivalent of Fleshlights.

Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution Platinum

完全名器主義 エヴォリューション 白金 源すず

Based on AV star Hitomi Kitagawa chan. This onahole is larger in size slightly, you can not set inside the Love body dolls.

Rating 8/10=It has a complicated passageway of canals for an ribbed and snugged feeling when your inserting. A very good and not  too heavy toy for quick fun and transportable for trips.

RIDE Chitsu Kyutto Vagiina



It weighs approximately around 150g length in about 12cm, a little smaller body .
Ditch something that is attached to a waste of entrance and processing of rough body shape I am familiar with RIDE.

Material are also specifications same as those in the past , the oily smell and has become the material moderation in a little softer .

Internal structure is a structure that folds and angled side is on carelessly .
The internal diameter is whether the slightly smaller , I felt a light resistance when turning over .
I can see it has become a fairly complex internal If you look in cross-section .

The three points of softness of the material and tightening feeling of the hole in the narrow stimulation and folds caught on the glans and crunchy has been kept in great balance ,

This balance is great in a small hand.

Rating 7.5/10 -Overall I recommend this toy because it is inexpensive and very portable.

Meiki Yu Namiki

Meiki Yu Namiki reproduce the ” sixth bullet of Meiki series since it was released . Ne is the huge weight is 1.2kg so there is also what this time . Form has been reproduced to crack in the back style that began with the ass . Bottom since the flat straight , I might sense that I use in stationary rather than a hand hole .

Material … or so soft dignity . Proof about not feeling squishy . Smell is not worried about almost to the extent that smell like plastic eraser is brought close to the nose . Is it not the person who is kept also bleeding of oil .

Inserted while opening the feeling of the fashion now crack me ” § Kupa ” . I do not feel too much weak stimulation of relief such as grains from the inside , but the softness of the meat is an unbearable anyway . Just pick much , and it is inside of Torottoro like Breakable is chewy . Wall thickness in the ass part even works really , is an internal pleasant luster Te Kashiku the highest tender meat is moving in .

With much AURA2 Continuing the feel of softness , feel of meat or will not it close to quick change . I do feel the best anyway , but the stroke of the ordinary can not it is too big . Way I do not think it ‘s fixed to the futon with a towel around such as tables or stroke with both hands , and only use your back swing .

“This excellent article reproduction of Namiki Yu ” , evaluation I think this is one of the split in point willl not stroke normally . Comfortableness is matchless . There is a frustrating even if there is a desire to stroke violently but so comfortable , that does not work well . It is a good hole to people who like hip swing , but those of you who want to use a hand hole , the point I am careful .

It was worried after I wonder if that is surprisingly thin wall thickness of the back part . If you are on the back style , you may want to been turned on the wall of the back once in a while , it seems that the glans is transparent . If you do not care how it looks , do I do in the missionary position with on the chestnut It is also recommended to hard to pick the back . Person of the feel of the direction of the missionary position was not right for personal .

Lotion provided as well.

Rating 9/10  -Just excellent, its like fucking a real hip and comes with her own personal movie as well. Very high quality.

Meiki Rola Misaki Onahole

2013 ‘s first year , 009 water bloom roller proof of the excellent article in the 9th . I think even as a little rut feeling , but it is also a 12 -th really just excellent article series that was reviewed in this site, should that . It was amazing impact when the dignity of the excellent article first appeared , but it will get lost or choose which one type is the more this much Even the excellent article series how much .

It is that it eliminated the double structure Speaking of the features of the recent excellent article . Peeling will not stop adhesion sweet and double structure , and because there is a disadvantage inside out becomes the strict prohibition in terms of maintenance , this might be a hard decision .

If you try to pick up the 009 when I arrived fact , you can see quality of being oil ‘s been reduced considerably . You smell smell and close the nose , but I think like you are getting better considerably compared with the material of the early days and without as much as you waft . The softness and feel exactly fluffy , softness that I did softly , which is a feature of the excellent article series is alive and well in this work .

Not the type § Kupa of the fashion now , It is obscene adult female version Birabira ran out the entrance . It is not so much say hole is too small , but it is the size courage is charged to flip a little . It went well entered entrance to spread Innovation capo when I try to insert at once , and put some force in the semi- erection degree .

Voluminous feel of the entrance is expected , it is very pleasant to be push to the back of Innovation null while wrapped in a lot of meat . Inside is loosened , but the ups and downs of internally handed down moderately without as much as me Gabagaba . Inside is a complex non-dimensional structures , it is possible to push all the way without resistance basic axis is straight .

Stimulus like folds and none When I move slowly , I feel the sense of individual grain warts fine occasionally . There is a part that is narrower two places internally , narrow part of the person in the back is caught in the glans around once in a while , especially , I have an accent to the stimulus . It is the feeling that tickle the glans . Stimulus is weak overall , but comfortably from my eyes bit by bit .

I started to use feeling that will not change so much with the previous work in a little rut feeling , but the height of the performance you have clear lightly It is truly pleasantness of certain lines or more . I like chillin , I felt good messed up . Plus soft material combination with wall thickness , and non-dimensional processing of original was feeling such as de strike to love chillin . It but it was a without saying that the price is cheaper if a little more later .

Rating 8.5/10- Not as good as the Maria Ozawa’s but comes very close.

Waz Upscale Geisha

Material , bungee touch material which is reddish which is used in many of the RIDE -made hole is being used as material . Smell is not worried about most of this material , and it is the material with low oil bleed . There are a lot of small bubbles of air , such as in material have been bashed the surface . It is the Hall class of small for the size .

The entrance is a small hole less than 1cm, Birabira is quite obscene . Because it is hard to go to be a semi- erection , and then trying to insert after letting erection firmly , and we come hole to spread the feeling that says Innovation paint . Internal seems to spiral in tight order , but if not feel much of the spiral , I feel that leads to the back straight .

In the first half is fine warts inside , folds of the mesh is placed put . And then try to stroke , but there is little stimulation of grains and folds , I feel the only stimulus rasping turtles across your head with narrow inside . There are quite a feeling to push aside , but wonder if that stimulus monotonous little honesty is the first impression .

Is a Uri of this hole , the cervix such as Seventeen await you at the far end . It is the feel of this cervix , but there certainly is feel where the glans like capo fits Innovation in a small hole and poke to eye full back . If you said it just is or comfortable , I do not know the good of the cervix not good enough this is also a subtle hmm .

I’ve never thought is not limited to this hole , and very good in the hall with a cervix , uterus mouth hole itself is that not right for me , it might be a Well . Stimulus from the internal processing because it was considerably weaker on the whole , I have to think monotonous hall only just tight .

It was a little worried after it , there was that it is not a core shift , but turn into a wall of one side several times . It might be a little thin to fit the complex internal processing . Also cervix itself , Hall similar because there are plenty , I have thought about the impact be for sale and do not slightly weak .

Rating 8/10 -Quite a surprise from a inexpensive onahole, feels very soft and grains give a incredible feeling the more you use.

Meiki Sarah

When you stroke , stimulate you and bit by bit to the back muscle can faint . Without even too tight without a wide inside , what usually place . I I use occasionally still like 006 , but as a chillin mild stimulation in comparison with the 006 . The feeling that is narrower as it goes to the back , also feel like push through the middle , it feels good man.

However , until about midway entrance and around ‘m perfect , but it will bother ‘s thinner in that it seems that the glans is transparent When I arrived with all one’s might . Hole 007 A look at a cross-sectional view of the package , it looks as through the middle , but the walls are thinner equivalent If you are extending from top to bottom , if you go all the way back . I think the shape of the hole it is easy to see that the direction to see the photos that were taking to the site of NLS ‘s , the actual hole .

I do not know of like this misalignment is whether the default , but 100% did not enjoy in the mood it ‘s about to be torn When we arrived with all one’s might . It feels good to feel good is , but this part I will care anyway . Double structure what happens , I hear the voice of and also easy to come off , but even if I embezzle fine , I do not come off so much and still referred to in the example of my 006 . Of course , there may also be individual differences in adhesion , but I feel all right also 007 even if the same bonding condition . Person of the thin portion of the wall was worried about this time than that .

Rating 8.5/10 -Very nice snug fit and the dual layer structure gives it a very hefty quality feeling.

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