How To Arouse Your Girlfriend and Make Her Hot

Here’s the secret way to make any woman feel sexy.

(Hint: it doesn’t always start with the words you say or the looks you give her.)

I think the first thing that is important is that you need to get into a sexual state yourself, so in order for her to get a little hot and aroused, you need to get a little aroused yourself. When you are a little turned on, it helps to be able to communicate that to her and let her know that, especially because of something she is doing.

If you can make it specific to her and unique to her, then your woman will likely become even more aroused. 

Getting your girlfriend aroused

Build up the tension to make her aroused

I think the other great tip to get her aroused is if you could make some sort of barrier that is stopping you guys from being able to be sexually overt with each other at that time.

Maybe you guys cannot do it because there are other people around the room. In which case, you may be able to say something along the lines of, “You’re so lucky we’re not alone right now.”

You might even say, “You have no idea what I want to do to you right now. If these people were not in the room, I would grab you, throw you down on the floor, and just start being very aggressive with you.” What you’re essentially doing is using the boundary or the barrier to push all this energy, emotion, and tension towards a place where it just builds up over a period of time.

It is like when you push something against a wall. You cannot go any further and then it starts to build up, then this emotion will start to grow within her. So yes, find a barrier you can use to build sexual arousal.

I’ve found that really one of the main reasons why people who are married in relationships end up cheating on each other, is precisely because of that barrier.

They know they should not, but they still have the desire to do so, and that sexual tension just keeps on building. So you can see just how powerful a barrier can be.

I think the final thing you will want to consider when really trying to arouse a woman is being intuitive. Many guys have not had intuitive experiences with girls. There is nothing that gets a girl going more than knowing that she is sexually exciting and sexually satisfying her man. If she can feel like she is looking after your needs, your girl is going to be aroused like crazy.

Then when you do actually get to the act of sex, it takes a lot of pressure off the guy to feel like he has to do it a hundred percent, because no matter how he does it, that tension that he created is going to be so potent that it will elicit a really powerful response from her.

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