Rola Misaki Eurasian AV Star Finally Here

Here it is, the famed Rola Misaki Onahole is finally here at BeyondExquisites. She is next big Eurasian AV model after AV Queen Maria Ozawa. The newest meiki model is certified as the masterpiece birth of excellence and will certaintly take it’s place as a favorite among her fans.

Modeled after the famous AV star, extensive care was made to create the ultimate masturbator tool using high grade material and the highest amount of sensation inputs as tiny grains within the canal. Guranteed to give 200% more stimulation, there are seperate sensation zones that give different stimulation the deeper you enter. It also gets tigher at each point until you get to the very end with additional ribbed interior to help you climax faster.

Supplies are limited, each order will come with an official Rola Misaki Lube for the first delivery batch!

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