Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Sex Toys for Couples

We all know that sales of sex toys in the US have reached orgasmic proportions, but more importantly, when you’re in a relationship how does one partner persuade the other that bringing a third element into their lovemaking will benefit both of them?

Amazingly, ONLY 30% of women can orgasm through intercourse therefore is it any wonder that sex toy sales have increased year on year – We girls have needs too you know!

Lady in Lingerie



If you thought the sexual revolution of the 1960s couldn’t be beaten, then 2012 surely gave it a run for its money. The Fifty Shades trilogy exposed women of all ages to sexual taboos and a huge rise in the use of sex toys such as Love BallsRiding CropsHandcuffs and opened up the secretive world of Bondage.

Fifty Shades had such an impact that I’ve almost forgotten what society was like before it came out. Picture this, simply travailing to and from work on the London Underground I was able to see the shift in women’s attitudes towards the book. Around early April I would spot the odd women hastily getting the book out of their handbags turning the cover over so others couldn’t see what she was reading. Some women thought they’d get away with reading it anonymously on their Kindle. What they didn’t realize, was that by then anyone who hadn’t lived under a rock knew the names, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, due to the mass hysteria created by the media. Enlarging the font on the Kindle so that it was visible from space didn’t do their cause much good either. As summer approached, women became braver and would proudly read the book, almost as if it was a badge of honor. ‘Hey look at me, I’m reading a book about sex, love AND bondage, and I don’t care who knows!’  No word of a lie, there would be on average 8 of us girls reading this book on each carriage, and we’d all give each other a knowing look of appreciation.

The point is, we’re more comfortable now about approaching the subject of sex and in particular, sex toys. Long gone are the days when it was the norm for married couples to only have Sunday morning sex. Every day is sex day! If you feel your partner may feel intimidated by the subject of sex toys for the bedroom then a more gentle approach is necessary. Ease him into it by playing adult board games, and make light fun of sexy situations you’ll find yourselves in.




Ladies, if this goes well you’ll hopefully be able to bring an element of adult dressing up games and role playing. When the luxury sex toy maker Lelo conducted a Poll on sexual behavior, they concluded that sales of role playing costumes increased by 34% in 2012, and almost half of those questioned, 49%, have let their partner record them engaging in a sexual act. Role play is great fun and gives you the opportunity for your partner to see another side of you he might not have witnessed before. If he seems a bit freaked out by this, then you can simply tell him it’s just part of the game. Easy!


Role Playing Couple



The main thing to remember when introducing sex toys into a relationship is that their purpose is to bring you and your lover closer, and not to use as a substitute. However, if you use them by yourself for your own pleasure that’s a different matter, if this is the case, then ‘Go for it Girl!’

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