Japanese Sex Toys


When it comes to sex toys, women usually have the upper hand when it comes to selection and usage based on their sexual  When it comes to sex toys, women usually have the upper hand when it comes to selection and usage based on their sexual comes from mental stimulation. There has been a influx of male masturbation toys recently, and let’s be honest we like it fast and efficient with a little creativity as an added bonus. So far Fleshlights have dominated the market because men masturbate all the time anyway, why not give them the added sensation of a mold of their favorite porn star. While remaining highly popular, their price has enabled many competitors to come up with their own to the market, albeit not as higher grade and sturdy they essentially work the same way. Those quirky minds in Japan came up with their own version of these toys called “Onaholes” , the popular ones are molded after famous Japanese AV stars including the Eurasian Maria Ozawa, the undisputed queen of adult AV.

What’s set these japanese Onaholes apart from the U.S. made Fleshlights is that they are designed to be very soft with very complex rigids and enclosure that adds more sensation the deeper you insert it.

Here is a review of the fantastic toy by a Onahole masturbator!

Onahole Review: 

Style – 10 – Looks like a real pussy.  So I guess in a way, it’s pretty damn stylish.

Noise – 10 – This onahole feels like a real pussy, but does not make any noise.  So this is a good one to get if you have roommates or people near your room.  

Messy – 9 – Depending on the lube you use, it does tend to hold it in very well.  Some of the lubes that are a bit runny will obviously run off, but if you use Tenga’s lubes, they will likely stay in since they tend to make it really thick.

Use more than once – 10 – You can use this product as many times as you want as long as you clean it and take good care of it.

Easy to clean – 9 – You do have to flip it around to wash it, but it isn’t too difficult to clean given that it isn’t huge and flips over pretty easily.  You do need to dry it well or the moisture will accumulate in the skin of the onahole.

Price – 9 – At about $89 on BeyondExquisites, I’d say it’s a fair price.  Considering it is reusable, looks nice, doesn’t make any noise, and it feels good, it might be a good return on investment.

Size (Easy to Hide) – 9 – Since the onahole isn’t huge, it will likely make it pretty easy to hide.  The only thing is that it does look like a real pussy, so if you leave it hanging out somewhere, someone will likely notice it.


Pleasure -18 out of 20 – The pleasure the Onahole is pretty good.  It doesn’t have the suction like many other onaholes, but it does feel like you’re fucking a nice pussy.  I personally liked the smoothness of it and how soft it is.  Sometimes onaholes are too hard on your dick since it sucks the crap out of it.  If you’re not feeling like getting every inch of your dick sucked hard on, I think this gives a softer, alternative to the other onaholes.

Maria Ozawa Meiki Masturbator




Internal Structure

Maria Ozawa Meiki no Proof Onahole Maria Ozawa Meiki Inside
1. Thick entrance to invite you to dimensionless pleasure
2. Realistic sense of internal glands
3. Exciting! Big G-Spot
4. Numerous small folds and grooves to maintain the thrill
5. The Uterus Lump, giving ultimate endless pleasure

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