Sex in the Club

Bovine Sex Club

Women are probably the only ones that can get away with achieving an orgasm in a public place without anyone knowing. You can preach about unfair work wages, preferential treatment, lack of females in sports and even society’s demand for them to be thin. However, it is no delicate display for a man to get off and you forget about doing it in public without anybody noticing. Given the right mood, situation and “toy, a women can virtually climax and keep a straight face.

The creative minds at Ohmibod has created the ideal vibrator that can be hidden discreetly in your panties and can be wireless controlled by your brute of a man who can only fantasize how excited you are by the toy or it can react to music. Genius I say! The Club Vibe 2.0 has been designed with one thing in mind, and that is to get a women off in any setting with the flick of a switch, discreetly.

Designed for naughty fun in public, the vibrator comes with a sexy black thong. Just slip the vibrator inside the thong’s special pouch and get ready for a wild night of dining, dancing and more!

Start out the night by using the remote control. You can tease your lover with 5 different vibration speeds and patterns up to 20 feet away. Best of all, she won’t have a clue when you’re going to hit the button so you can surprise her when she’s talking to the waiter or taking a drink and make her go crazy!

Control your wireless vibe by personal remote or by sound!
Includes sexy black thong, battery charger, instructions & more

The Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.0h! is available here at our site with a limited time discount. Just don’t forget to bring spare underwear.

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