Fifty Shades of Play Kit

Fifty Shades Of Play Kit

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Fifty Shades Of Play Kit
Fifty Shades Of Play Kit Fifty Shades Of Play Kit Fifty Shades Of Play Kit Fifty Shades Of Play Kit

Here it is! Want to satisfy your inner Christian Grey and Ana Steele fantasies? Based on New York Times best selling book, here are the best collection of toys from Fifty Shades Grey. Seduce your lover or just get yourself in the mood with this entire set of toys based on the novel, whether your feeling naughty or just want to roleplay with light bondage play. This beginners introduction will get you feeling frisky.

Signature Masquerade Mask-Let your inner exhibitionist free with this sultry mask, designed to keep your lover guessing. Painted in glittering metallic hues, this mask is a simple and elegant way to tie on a little mystique.

Grey Tie- “He crawled on top of me and secured his tie around my waiting wrists, securing them together. The silken grey tie binding my wrists feels sexy and soft….what are you doing….I ask demurely. Sir simply responds….setting you free… ”

Bondage Tape -This 30 foot roll of tantalizing tape is long enough to tie you up and keep you delightfully restrained for hours of playtime. Designed to be used multiple times, this glossy PVC tape is non-sticky so it will not leave a residue or cause painful removal. Simply overlap the ends to keep the tape in place.

Suede Flogger-With a flick of your wrist, you can deliver big pleasure, wrapped up in a small package. Measuring just 15.75 inches from end to end, this little whip is crafted from sensual, flexible, and soft suede strips that leave a whisper of sensation across skin.

Everything is made from high quality material, you can trust this is our best selling kit that voted by our customers. For a limited Time- FREE SHIPPING!


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