Intro to Toys that simulate real sex!

Sex simulators

Sex simulator toys are the closest thing you can get the sensation of real sex, here at BeyondExquisites we carefully searched and discover the finest toys that give you the arousing feeling of blowjobs and penetration. Right now we are offering additional $10 off these toys if you sign up for our email list.

1. Fleshlights– The most popular male masturbator toy in the market today, these toys replicate the inside of a vagina and has a very distinct touch to it that feels very soft and textury.There are various textures to choose from and all have distinct feel and theme to quickly get you off.

2. Japanese Onaholes– The asian version of “Fleshlight” toys, these are similar in their function to get you off but resemble japanese av stars and also have a slightly different build to them. They are very intricately textured on from the opening to the deep end that offers varying levels of pleasure as you play with the toy. It also does not bottom out so the deeper you insert it , the more enjoyable it can be.

Maria Ozawa Meiki Toy

Maria Ozawa Meiki no Proof OnaholeMaria Ozawa Meiki Inside

1. Thick entrance to invite you to dimensionless pleasure
2. Realistic sense of internal glands
3. Exciting! Big G-Spot
4. Numerous small folds and grooves to maintain the thrill
5. The Uterus Lump, giving ultimate endless pleasure

3. Vibrators-The most commonly used toys for women when they just want to get off. However, women have the advantage nowadays because of the sheer variety of different styles of vibrators. They range anywhere from a classic to a G-spot vibrator, to a toungue vibe too! Everyone has different uses and portability effectiveness, want to take it to you on your trip? No problem, a traveling lipstick vibe fits right in your purse.

Sqweel 2

4. Realistic Vaginas These high quality toys are developed with one thing in mind, to make it feel as realistic as possible to a real vagina! This isn’t just a masturbation sleeve, but full on lower torso with hips and everything. The texture is very soft and very life-like, as soon you as have a round with one of these you may get addicted and abandon your lover for these. Each one is carefully crafted from the vagina to the hip, some of them is also molded from your favorite pornstar. Choose carefully!

Devon Vibrating Vagina and Anus in UR3

5. Tenga Products

Tenga brings you the revolutionary future of safe sex and masturbation that is sweeping USA by storm. The company’s masturbators have been noted for their design aesthetics unexpected for a sex toy, and have received an industrial design award, made in Japan they are the newest trend of male sex toys.

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

The TENGA revolutionary Flip Hole is back and is stronger than before in the form of the FLIP HOLE BLACK! The double-layered interior is designed with incredible detail for a superb experience. Upon insertion, twin moving balls provide rolling sensations that caress you from both sides.

Tenga 3D Polygon Stroker

Experience Sculpted Ecstasy. The 3D Polygon stroker from Tenga is a unique pleasure object that provides you with the pinnacle of satisfaction. The Polygon is designed to be turned inside out for use – the artful angles you see will be massaging your shaft! Multiple randomly constructed triangles embellish its surface. Discover the firm constriction and accentuated stimulus that is hidden within the slippery glide of the polygonal faces and unexpectedly strong edges for a transcendental experience you have never felt before.

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